Interview with Chloe Caldwell, author of WOMEN

Chloe Caldwell’s novella Women (published October 1 by Short Flight/Long Drive Books) is a book about love between women—in relationships, in friendships, in families, and otherwise. The book centers on a romantic relationship between the unnamed narrator and Finn, but it is more than that: throughout, women move in and out of one another’s orbits, love and hate one another, and explicate what loving can be. On the first page, the narrator confesses, “Sometimes I wonder what it is I could tell you about her for my job here to be done. I am looking for a shortcut—something I could say that would effortlessly untangle the ball of yarn I am trying to untangle here on these pages.” Chloe Caldwell does not take that shortcut, and Women is not untangled: it is a knot that does not simplify, but rather deepens what women are.

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